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Do It Together: Karlina

 Thursday, 4th May, 2017

Want to make a feature film on a beach? Hell yes? Club member and filmmaker Karlina Veras Reid needs YOU!

I'm Karlina, originally from sunny Dominican Republic. Since 2006 I have made London my home. I am what you call an 'all sorts' creative individual, but for the purpose of this post, I'm a screenwriter.

At the moment I am writing a screenplay for a feature film.

The project is in early stages, therefore a lot of development and thought is still taking place. I am looking for all kinds of people to help me take the story to the big screen: directors, producers, actors, crew; all are welcome. I can supply a treatment of the script on request so you can get a better idea of the film and where I want it to go. I already have a very clear idea of location, but I am open to suggestions.

The story is about a needy young girl that, whilst on holiday with her family and left to the care of her selfish older brother, gets separated from them. She is alone and vulnerable, with the task to fend for herself and find her way back home. This is inspired by my own experiences of getting lost as a child. I have always wanted to explore this theme and create something original based on these memories, so here we are!

You can connect with me on the members network here.

So don’t be shy. Reach out!