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Do It Together with Alex Browning

 Friday, 2nd June, 2017

Member Alex wants a first-class screenwriter to sweep him off his feet.

"Hi, I’m Alex Browning, film director. I've made short films that have been supported by Creative England, The Hospital Club and the Creative Industries Council. My last short Speakeasy was made from initial idea to premiering at the hClub100 awards in only six weeks. It has since been picked up for international TV & VOD distribution with Shorts International. You can check it out here.

My new project is Daylight Rule. A young trio escape a woodland based cult-like village in rural England. On the run, and barely comprehending the road that lays before them, they have been kept against their will because they possess unexplainable gifts.

I need a screenwriter who is looking to make a stand-out short film as a worthy contender for international festivals.

I'm looking for a writer to take on my initial idea for a short film and collaborate with me to make it a truly innovative screenplay. To note: my idea is the foundation of a script and the writer will have space to develop this. This process will have more depth in the development stage than my previous short films. I will be looking to shoot this year in late summer/early autumn. We'll take our time with the edit and we have a healthy budget to allocate to festival submissions.

This is not an opportunity for a first time writer, but for writers who have experience in short films, TV drama, theatre or similar and want to collaborate with a director who has a history of getting shorts made, and is looking to push to make a calling card for a feature film. Please drop me a message via the members network with a short 1-2 paragraph blurb about what you've been up to and what scripts of yours have been made. If we look like a good match, I can then send you the outline and mood board.  I look forward to hearing from you!"

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