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David Downes 'London Calling La La Land'

David Downes 'London Calling La La Land'

David Downes 'London Calling La La Land'

Artist in residence - Second Floor               Until Saturday 2nd June

This extraordinary exhibition of paintings and drawings sets out to contrast the emotional and physical landscapes in and around these two great cities. David Downes has Autism Spectrum Disorder which enables him to record and recreate in extraordinary detail and speed complex forms from memory.

In early life, Downes struggled with communication, yet developed an alternative method of expression; highly accurate draughtsmanship which won him a place at the Royal College ofArt and commissions by BBC Heritage and the Savoy.

Downes’ ability to recreate mood and a sense of emotion using colour sets his work apart from other artists with autism. His sense of space, allows him to draw aerial views from an imagined perspective at once giving a sense of scale and minutiae.

Downes painted most of his London scenes at his studio in Stoke Newington, North East London. His US works have been created whilst living in Newport, Orange County, California, his home for the past two years.

All works are aviailable for purchase.


  • Desert Moonlight

  • Night Time LA

  • The Wings

  • 405 and the 5 to LA

  • BBC Broadcasting House

  • Bixby Bridge

  • Downtown LA from the 5

  • Griffith Park Hollywood

  • Harleys at Cooks Corner

  • Hollywood

  • Joshua Tree National Park

  • LA Freeways, With Downtown

  • Las Vegas Strip

  • Rodeo Drive

  • St Pauls and The City

  • The Ford Maddox Brown View

  • Wind Farm Palm Desert

  • Stop Sign Venice Beach