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Franke Vassell

On Form

On Form

Franke Vassell was living in a Centrepoint hostel when his talent for drawing was spotted by the artists' agency, Go Figurative. 

The year was 2008 and Go Figurative ran an outreach programme with The National Gallery, Centrepoint and Turner giving young homeless people the oppportunity to learn about the portraiture.

The programme was well recieved by all participants, but Franke stoodout for his talent and his diligence. He worked overnight on his portrait and produced an astonishingly high standard for someone with no formal training. 

On the basis of that one paintings Franke was offered a bursary to study art at Heatherly's school of fine art, the oldest independent art school in the UK. Franke won first prize for his foundation show and subsequently took up a scholarship for the school's portraiture and sculpture diplomas. 

In January 2014, Franke was selected for the FBA Futures show at the Mall Gallery, an exhbition featuring works by the 25 most promising young artits in the UK.

In March 2016, Turner hosted Franke's first solo exhibition.

Franke has just completed his first major sculpture commisssion for a client in Vienna and has been filmed for Sky Arts Tate Walks in early 2017.



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  • Aisha 3

  • Aisha 4

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  • John

  • R.

  • R. Conte

  • Rebecca

  • Salammbo Study

  • Sarah

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