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James Alec Hardy

Trapped in the Machine

Trapped in the Machine

This presentation of video works show James Alec Hardy’s exploration into creating compositions using analogue video processors to self generate images with feedback.

The selection of abstracted video stills taken from James Alec Hardy’s VHS recordings, become a coded manifestation of behavioural research into the controllable nature of video in its purest form.

Without the use of cameras, or external input, obsolete broadcast and editing technology from a former analogue age, are connected in sequence, and manipulated in real time, to be then analysed and reviewed, for releasing from the inner trappings of the equipment.

The medium of broadcast television and video, which has been used for over sixty years to educate, entertain, propagandise, hypnotise and inform, has always been designed to resonate with the optical nerve.

These sequences are physically wrought by the artist's hand, dissecting the flow of technology in a labour intensive, considered manipulation of imagery.


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