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Meryl McMaster & David Ellingsen

Meryl McMaster & David Ellingsen

Meryl McMaster & David Ellingsen

Artist in residence - Second Floor               Until Saturday 3rd February

The Hospital Club presents The Baldwin Gallery’s Betwixt, exploring the organic and psychic transference between selves and species, featuring the shape-changing photography of David Ellingsen and Meryl McMaster. Of indigenous and European descent, Plains Cree sculptural-photographer, McMaster, pits delimiting identities – Native American, Canadian, female, human – against the immediacy of her lived body in the natural world. She expresses heritage and contemporaneity as a synergistic strength of unities, rather than a struggle between opposites.

Ellingsen’s Anthropocene series is inspired by the proposed renaming of our geological epoch, as Earth’s systems are irrevocably altered by human activity. Transmuted skeletal remains, adrift on blackness, reference future and past and are both a warning and rendering of hope.

Both artists have shown in museums around the world.


  • Icarus, 2016

  • Leviathan, 2016

  • Titan, 2016

  • Thunder

  • Avian Wanderer I, 2015

  • Avian Wanderer II, 2015

  • Avian Wanderer III, 2015

  • Brumal Tattoo, 2013

  • Secret Darkness of Birds

  • Wind Play

  • Wind Play Variation I, 2015

  • Wingeds Calling, 2012

  • Wingeds Calling Variation II