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Wunderkamera by Sanges

Wunderkamera by Sanges

Sanges is an innovative photographer from Rome who has exhibited worldwide. He has worked for Vogue Italia and Dolce&Gabbana, and published in several art and fashion magazines including Sunday Times, Esquire, Elle, Wonderland, and Aesthetica magazine.

His iconic photography has been inspired by the sequential nature of cinema, in particular the luminous black and white films of the silent era. Every sequence tells a highly personal and multi layered story. Seeking inspiration from Surrealism and the Visual Performing Arts of the 20s and 30s, Sanges’ work traces a narrative of imagination and desire.

There is an enchanting yet dark side to his photography with a depth that highlights the drama of life.

Sanges has collaborated with Gunther Von Hagen and Munich Opera and his work is in the permanent collection of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts U.S.A. His new body of work, Wunderkamera by Sanges, is inspired by Max Ernst and the Surrealist movement.

All works are in an edition of 6.


  • Bird 1

  • Bird 2

  • Birth 1

  • Birth 2

  • Church 1

  • Church 2

  • Church 3

  • Church 4

  • Dream 1

  • Dream 2

  • Dream 3

  • Kings Court 1

  • Kings Court 2

  • Kings Court 3

  • Lust

  • Still life 1

  • Still life 2

  • Still life 3

  • Still life 4

  • Still life 5

  • Still life 6

  • Water 1

  • Water 2

  • Water 3

  • Water 4